True rest in counselling

Therapeutic True Rest

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The following post is taken from the work of Peter Fleming, Founder of The Pellin Institute.

True Rest is enlightened selfishness. It is that activity which renews us and enables us to have a realistic view of where our talents lie, the energy to use them and the strength to handle disappointment. Without true rest our perception of our self, and of others, is always wrong. True rest is any activity that gets us into the calm of the pendulum. Our strength and our awareness is to be found in the calm. We see the world as beautiful and nourishing not just grey and toxic. The Calm gives us more choices about what we want to do with our emotions it is a place of particularly powerful perspective.

It allows us to make good decisions and choices. We need ‘sitting time’, in order to be able to check out a decision from different places of The Pendulum…when we are high, when we are low, and when we are in the middle and near the calm. I always say to myself as a ‘pendulum swinger’, if in doubt don’t do it.

“Without true rest people will exaggerate their problems, manufacture problems on which to focus and waste time and energy and certainly deny the ability or willingness of others to help”

(CT Manual 17-3) ©Peter Fleming, Pellin Institute