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There are many ways that we can work together online. By screensharing we can introduce Gestalt Art Therapy and working with different parts of self.

Gestalt chair work

Gestalt chair work
Think of a polarity that you would like to work on. For example the part of you that feels confident about being able to achieve something and perhaps another part of self which needs to be attended to. Perhaps with a sense of uncertainty and self doubt. Choose a coloured ball to represent each part.

Two chairs - using polarities

Two chairs – using polarities
On the one hand, say for example the pink ball represents the part that has a sense of confidence. On the other hand the blue ball represents the uncertainty. We might then develop a dialogue between these two parts in the counselling session.

Russian dolls

Russian Dolls
Everyone has multiple layers to their identity; a bit like an onion. Russian dolls can provide a really useful tool when trying to illustrate these layers with clients. They can then be connected back to two chair work when wanting to perhaps have a dialogue between two of those different layers, parts of self or ages for example.

Art therapy

Art Therapy
An introduction to Art Therapy. I invite you, the client, to choose a picture. This may be from a collection I share with you or one of your own. We would then use the picture or painting to explore an issue or feelings you are having around an issue or experience or part of self.

Tree / pathway

“I am the pathway in the painting. I am looking towards the future along the path in the distance. One thing I sense/feel/see ….”