Counselling supervision

I have a post graduate diploma in Supervision having completed the training at The Gestalt Centre in London  in June 2014.

I offer Clinical Counselling Supervision to counsellors in training and to those in an established practice. I see Supervisees at my Private Practice, Brighton Counselling, two minutes from Brighton station. We work together 1:1 and also in small groups.

I offer reduced rate Clinical Supervision to counsellors in training.

I am a Clinical Supervisor at AYA Centre in Southwark working with supervisees both individually and in groups. I worked at CRI in Brighton and Hove from March 2013-March 2014 as a Clinical Supervisor and I also worked for Cruse Bereavement Care as a Clinical Supervisor in 2014.

Supervision sessions can be fortnightly or monthly and last either 50/60 minutes for 1:1 or 1.5 hours or two hours depending on how many people are in the group.  Please contact me to discuss your Supervision Requirements.


Testimonial from Jane Fior, Cancer Counselling London

“Nicky has a very useful varied background as well as her counselling experience and training. She operates ethically and has a truly non-judgemental stance which will enable her supervisees to be honest about their difficulties when talking about their clients. This is of fundamental importance because supervisees can easily feel judged or incompetent when the client’s circumstances or their own response is challenging or ambivalent. The danger is the tendency to underplay/not reveal these rather than seeing that it is in our difficulties that we learn. Her openness and honesty will foster trust in her supervisees and her awareness of the terrain will provide the management of the service with the necessary confidence in her ability to be both responsible in relation to her supervisees and to the management of the service itself.”

Testimonial from Counsellor Brighton

“Nicky Mark has offered me excellent supervision over the past year. I found the supervision sessions very supportive with Nicky offering useful insights and perspectives that enabled positive therapeutic progress for my clients.”

Senior Supervisor, CRI Counselling Service.

“What  Nicky does particularly well, is to stick to the remit and offer the Core Conditions to the Counsellors which then as part of the Parallel Process is modelled and then taken to the clients. Nicky made a choice to work with some of the most marginalised members of the Brighton community. She has been honourable in her commitment to the organisation and to the clients and also with her colleagues. She works very effectively as a member of the team and facilitates very well within group Supervision and 1:1 Supervision.”


Testimonial from Counsellor CRI

“I find in supervision that an atmosphere of genuineness is created. I find Nicky to be authentic in finding out about the client, but more importantly how I am feeling in relation to the client, and myself in that time. In turn she always pulls it back to the here and now – noting that parallel processes may be happening between us also. We look at my embodiment of that client, what reactions it brings up and what I hold about that client. This is really helpful to notice this outside the time with the client, to see what might be going on for me and in turn the relationship. From here, Nicky helps me separate out what I need to take to therapy and what we can look at in supervision. ”